Top 5 Motörhead Songs

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself as a big fan of Motörhead; but every now and then I will listen to them, as they do serve a useful purpose! Because every now and then, in this often miserable and lonely world, you need some special music; music featuring speed, loud noises, and aggression; so that once in a while you can feel alive in this mad, bad, and sad world! It’s just like the great Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister once said:

“Well it’s fairly simple, and it’s very loud, and it’s very fast. And it’s great driving music if you like driving into the side of bridges. And uh…it’s great music for hurling yourself off trees by!”

Despite not reaching the high album sales of some other well known bands of the same period, Motörhead are easily one of the best known bands in the world. Often considered a Heavy Metal band; but Lemmy himself always insisted however that they were in fact a Rock and Roll band.


Over their 40 year history the band released 23 albums, along with many live and compilation albums too, plus are easily one of the most recognizable sounds in the history of music. And over that period they had a great many members, with some of the more well remembered members including Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor, “Fast” Eddie Clarke, Michael “Würzel” Burston, Phil Campbell, and Mikkey Dee, with Lemmy himself taking on the role of both bass player and lead vocals.

And it wasn’t just albums they produced, but also entrance music for well known professional wrestlers too; but mainly of course Triple H!

So, given this immense and detailed history, I thought I would share with you my personal favourite songs from this legendary act. Now of course, there are a few which sadly don’t make the list, but to give them a moment in the spotlight, here are the other terrific classics worthy of a mention:

And so, without further ado; here are My Top 5 Favourite Songs by Motörhead; Enjoy!


5. Ace of Spades – What is easily their best known song, it launches into the signature sound that the band are all loved for. It’s not just the instruments thought that are fast and loud, as the vocals and lyrics need to be too, to fit in with that sheer level of speed. It does feature a cool little break, before then launching head first back into that riff, and a cool solo too. And much like many of their other classics, it doesn’t let up in speed or power, until the precise moment that the song ends!

4. Back at the Funny Farm – What feels like a much longer song in length, and time (you can sort of feel it); Back at the Funny Farm starts off with a pretty cool riff which carries on throughout, picking up not speed but intensity the longer it goes on for, in particular during the solo sections. It’s a song which whilst feeling long, isn’t boring, as you are hooked in, and don’t want it to end, but when it does end, it ends in a sort of explosively abrupt way, because that’s the only way it can finish. It’s not an operatic or orchestral piece, it’s intense, and so therefore needs an intense conclusion!

3. Rock Out – Another of their songs which I know of thanks to WWE. Used for Unforgiven 2008; the song is nice and aggressive, with a simple message demanding you to rock out. It features some terrific sounds from their unique playing style, in particular that grinding sound heard at the start and occasionally throughout. And that is of course backed up by a simple chorus, which says exactly what it already says on the tin: “ROCK OUT!”

2. Please Don’t Touch – This one still feels like a recent discovery for me, but what a fantastic song. Originally recorded by Johnny Kidd & the Pirates; this version is a collaboration between Motörhead and Girlschool. From a sound perspective, it doesn’t entirely sound like something Motörhead would release, but it’s the subtlety in difference, plus the addition in style from Girlschool that makes this track. It’s still fast, and lively, but has a more fun aesthetic about it, one that you want to get down and dance too (in the same fashion as “Philthy Animal”). Plus you don’t need to be a fan of either band to get into it, it’s such a satisfyingly pleasing song, and something special for people to rock out to!

1. Motorhead – If you want to introduce someone to the joys of Motörhead, this is the perfect song. Originally written whilst Lemmy was a member of Hawkwind, this song features all the mod-cons and trademarks of a classic Motörhead song. It’s loud, fast, and aggressive. It’s also short but incredibly sweet, as it’s not a song which goes on forever, it does it’s bit then moves on. You are automatically hooked and being reeled in before the first chorus is over. It’s practically perfect for what this band are setting out to do, play simple music which anyone can join in with, no matter the extremity of the occasion!

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