I Don’t Think I’m Cut-Out To Be A Truck Driver

Recently I have been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam, and I don’t think I am at all cut out to be a Truck Driver. This is a game I have posted about before; last time I was posting about the lack of a certain song in the game. Well, after a few weeks of not playing it, today I decided to re-download it as I had a great desire (for some reason) to play it again and give it another go.

It’s a fun game, although the driving can get to you after a while without a rocking soundtrack. Anyway, it is a fun game, and can be nice to visit new and unknown locations that I haven’t visited before. Last time I played I concentrated on the UK, but this time I decided to have a go on other European Roads and really explore the continent.

All things were going well and I made a couple of deliveries nice and easy. Then, as my third delivery was just about to be made, something happened which prevented me from completing the delivery.

For the fifth time since first playing this game; I somehow managed to flip the truck on its side. Upon doing this I thought it was safe to assume that maybe I should not consider being a Truck Driver; and maybe I should consider looking into other simulator games to try out and maybe have better luck with…

Like train driving, or diggers.

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