I Built The Tower

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I might build a tower of blocks in Minecraft. Well; I did it. It was pretty simple, just had to have a load of bricks on my person and jump and build right up into the sky.

I found a high hill, climb to the summit and did just that. Eventually though I ran out of cobblestone, so I finished it off with some dirt blocks I cut out on my journey to the summit. Once I could go no further by game height restrictions, I placed a torch at the top, then jumped off. I however forgot to take a picture from the top of the tower, so I made another one. This time I came with three stacks of cobblestone so this one was more complete than the first one.

So, there we have it; I have made my super tall Minecraft tower of blocks, and have subsequently run out of stuff to do in Minecraft…any suggestions?

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