Mini Film Review – A Million Ways To Die In The West

I have just watched A Million Ways To Die In The West; and it was a barrel of laughs. The film is a nice mix between spoof and parody of old classical western films, packed in with some more modern reasons to laugh. It creates some incredible laugh out loud moments as you can’t help but burst out laughing with comedy ranging from the adult to the down right silly and childish. The continuous amounts of death in the film create some of the film’s funniest moments as they are both shocking as well as incredibly daft. While the film is a western in style the film’s story follows that of a fairytale-esque love story with its comedy being more akin to sitcom style set-up. The plot while delivering some great laughs, does struggle to carry my attention however as the jokes seem dislocated from the plot, instead of in tandem. Charlize Theron really stands out more than any other cast member, whilst Seth MacFarlane meanwhile does well at portraying the loveable yet cowardly buffoon; however I did find it hard to really take him seriously on many an occasion. Overall, a nice fun and incredibly funny film, somewhat hampered by its cast and rather lengthy feeling plot.

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