Mini Trailer Review – Sonic The Hedgehog

I have just watched the teaser trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog, and it sort of looks kind of weird! I’m not entirely sure that what I think is the soundtrack from Dangerous Minds, really adds anything to this trailer! The trailer’s set-up looks kind of familiar but I can’t think why? Jim Carrey‘s Robotnik villain looks and sounds almost the exact same as his performance as The Riddler in Batman Forever. Sonic‘s look; looks like a cross between Tim Burton‘s Oompa Loompa‘s, with the face of one of the creatures from the Critters horror films. The plot looks very samey, and doesn’t really add or suggest any connection of the video game series it’s based on other than for the characters in it. The slowed down moment though looks pretty cool, sort of like Quicksilver‘s moments in the X-Men films. Don’t know how this is going to translate into a movie, but it’s only a trailer I suppose! James Marsden seems alright to.

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