Top 5 Batman Movie Moments (Sky Cinema Edition)

A few weeks ago, I watched a Sky Cinema special on the top 20 moments in DC Movies. It was an absolute joke! The program was basically a list of the top 20 highest grossing movies based on DC Comics, and then the best moment voted from them as voted by the viewers. It wasn’t what the title suggested: a list of the Top 20 DC Movie Moments, it was the Top 20 Highest grossing films in that genre, and then the best moment, going on to then suggest that whatever was voted for by the viewers as the best moment in the highest grossing film, equals the best moment overall!


It was an absolute joke of an idea. The idea that what makes it the best moment is that it made the most money. Usually a list show rates the top/best moments in order by how many people voted for it, like that Best Ever Bond moments show ITV did in 2002 for the release of Die Another Day. The way the list was decided was also pretty confusing! They showed them in order by how much money each one made at the box office; but as they got into the list, I found it hard to believe how some films made more than other films, when other data suggests that wasn’t the case; it wasn’t until something like number 5 in the list that they revealed that the list was in box office gross when adjusted for inflation.

It was pretty insane for what I was hoping was going to be more like the afore mentioned Best Ever Bond. Anyway, I thought I would do a similar kind of list. Here I have chosen my Top 5 Favourite Batman Movies. The thing is while I do like other DC movies, in the end it was sort of coming down to just Batman films anyway, so I just sort of kept it with them. Anyway, here are my Top 5 Batman Movies, and in order not necessarily by how much they grossed, but in order of which ones are my favourite (like a proper list when choosing the best of something). Then I have chosen my favourite scene/moment from each film. Now while these are some of my favourite Batman Movie Scenes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are to me the best Batman Movie Moments in order. This is more simply, my Favourite Batman movies, and then the best scene from each one. So without do anything else; here are My Top 5 Batman movie Moments (Sky Cinema Edition).


5. Batman Forever: Ending – Depending on your view of this film, this film is a bit of mixed bag. Heralded by some to be bad, I don’t think it’s too bad. Still entertaining in locations and the cast provide a pretty good performance. But here we’re talking about the moment I have chosen. The Ending shot is a pretty cool moment, the shot of Batman (Val Kilmer) and Robin (Chris O’Donnell) running in front of the bat Signal and towards the camera. Much like the film, it’s pretty comical in it’s delivery, but it’s also pretty cool and rather empowering. The soundtrack helps in that delivery as it just shouts and oozes heroism and justice. It’s a pretty cool scene.


4. Batman (1989): Descent Into Mystery – Quite possibly the best moment in a Batman movie featuring the Batmobile. While there are several good contenders, this one just hits the spot. It really comes down to the incredible shot of the Batmobile at the bottom of the road as it comes charging up towards the camera, backed up once again with an incredible, and iconic theme tune. It’s a moment of pure movie pleasure, whilst also providing the dark essence of Batman’s tone and presence.


3. The Dark Knight Rises: Ending – It was actually pretty hard to choose the right moment for this one as this film features quite a few good moments, nearly all on equal footing to one another. The First and Second fights between Batman (Christian Bale) and Bane (Tom Hardy), the ending chase, Batman’s Return and police chase, the opening scene. There’s so many cool moments, but I think the end is possibly my favourite. It’s a nice easy going ending which throws in elements of closure and creates new beginnings. It features some great music from Hans Zimmer as it builds up gently, then hammering in those thunderous drums! It creates questions and ideas. We know this is the end of this trilogy, but it creates rather nice suggestions and ideas that are left to the imagination of the viewer as to what happens next?



2. The Dark Knight: Two-Face Standoff – Whilst the main adversary of The Dark Knight is of course the Joker (Heath Ledger), the film’s plot works wonders as it turns someone who starts off as an antagonist into the final Villain in Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart). This ending scene where the three former allies including James Gordon (Gary Oldman) are now standing off with one another is a really nice scene. It continually builds momentum as it comes to the shocking conclusion. Two Face’s line; “It’s not about what I want, It’s About WHAT’S FAIR!” is a brilliant line as you now discover how far he has fallen and how the hope the three tried to build is now crumbling beneath them, as he is no longer a man who wants plain justice, but simple revenge! It’s a really cool, but also very heavy scene as things grow from tense to worse, and Batman has to do the right thing, at the cost of something else!


1. Batman Begins: Ra’s Al Ghul Fight – The final fight on the train between Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson) is just plain and simple, with a hint of plot spice. Out of all other batman movie Moments, for me this one truly rates high up there. It’s what it says on the tin really, it’s a fight between Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul. Batman jumps onto the train to try and stop Ra’s plan succeeding, so he has time against him. The fight choreography is short but sweet as the two trade blows and momentum, and as the time starts to draw to a close it looks like Batman is going to fail; or does he? Batman didn’t go onto the train to stop the train, he went on to distract Ra’s. While this is going on, he has sent Gordon off in the Tumbler, to go and destroy one of the support beams for the train, meaning it will crash before it has reached it’s destination. It’s a cool scene involving a double bluff. Plus, that soundtrack; for some reason it really drives home how serious losing a support beam is for a train, and even makes that image look rather cool and memorable. Plus, the scene’s ending where Batman makes his choice, automatically followed by those high notes as the scene resolves itself. It’s a really good scene, and easily my favourite scene from my favourite Batman Movie.

What is your favourite Batman Movie Moment (either this way, or the Sky Cinema way)?

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