Mini Film Review – King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

I have just watched King Arthur: Legend of the Sword; and it was very odd! Directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Jude Law, with Charlie Hunnam in the title role; Legend of the Sword is an adaptation of the legend of King Arthur, featuring a trademark Ritchie twist in the tale. It features some truly magnificent visual effects, especially in the form of the rampant wildlife including some massive Elephants, and the film has some unique elements of story telling which create moments of critiquing and satirizing the world and genre; it’s just a shame that there not a lot of it! The film is just all over the place; the direction is gone, and the fine details just get lost as the plot jumps around from piece to piece. In these moments we get pieces of true fantasy that make you shout and cry for more, and see them in finer detail; but they just get buried under a sea of rubbish! Instead we are treated to some un-interesting characters, and scenes that make you shout out and ask “WHAT?!”. There are no more instances of the amazing images, or creative story telling moments; no capitalizing on the genuinely good parts to this film; like the Massive Elephants!

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