Run Runaway

This has been the soundtrack of my week. 

I listen to a lot of music, and the music playing in my head can change depending on how I feel or what I have recently been listening to. Sometimes I could be at work, at home or walking down the street and I will start singing quietly to myself. In recent months some of the things I have been singing quietly to myself have included the ending song from The Wicker Man, and Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Well, this week I discovered something new; and have found it a real challenge to listen to something else entirely.

I have never really considered myself a fan of Slade; I, like many, have heard Merry Xmas Everybody played through the air at Christmas time, and I have also heard Cum On Feel The Noize plenty of times too which have always been fun; but I never really picked up on their music before. Well, that changed on Monday when I felt a desire to listen to Cum On Feel the Noize, so I did, then found a link on YouTube to a different song. When I first saw the title it made me think of an old moment in Never Mind The Buzzcocks; to an old piece of music. So I went looking for that, but couldn’t find anything, so I went back to this song by Slade: called Run Runaway.

The music video itself is a bit of an odd presentational bunch, as it shows some elements of classic celtic traditions in a historic building. The band can be seen playing their instruments in tune with the track, and the only thing that I can’t figure out is why/what exactly is Noddy Holder doing with his tongue in his mouth? Back to the song though; it’s a pretty cool track. There is a definitive element of Celtic culture in the tune, mixed in of course with Slade’s style and trademark noise. The tune itself has elements of hard rock intertwined with a sound that has a very feel good energy about it. It is a great sounding tune that both Rock fans and Pop fans can really dig into.


The lyrics are delivered in a very pop-music like sense; and the lyrics are really catchy. They are pretty basic in delivery and sound really weird, but this level of ease and simplicity makes it really easy just to grab at the words and join in; plus it means it’s easy to pick up from out of nowhere and start singing to.

I was not a majorly big fan of Slade at the start of this week, but I am now much more keen and interested to discover more.

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