Movie Trailers – Mortal Engines

It’s quite sad what happened to Mortal Engines; it had so much promise and opportunity to be the next big thing, and in the end it turned into something rather mediocre. The teaser trailer for the film though is still a thing of beauty.


From the outset we get an image of what this film involves and what it will look like. We get this great chase scene as a small town on wheels is running away from something much bigger than it. This is then followed up with a great line informing us that the big thing on wheels; is London! The thoughts and images this pours into the heads of audiences watching is immense and intriguing. Then as the trailer begins to reach it’s climax, there is a dark and dystopian piece of music filling our ears as a more sinister variant of Vera Lynn‘s There’ll Always Be An England takes over. The lyrics to this piece help sum up the final images as it creates questions and sinister turns as to what is unfolding before our eyes.


Whilst the end result of this film was a bit dull overall, the trailer still creates ideas, and possibility for something down the line…perhaps?

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