Looking For A Vault

I am looking for a vault,

Hidden on a planet with a suspicious name,

I have no map,

Only a gun,

And a mystic entity for help!


I meet a strange little robot,

With only one wheel,

He introduces me to some other strange people,

One of whom is a doctor,

With an extremely easy name!

Steam Screenshot

I thought I was meant to be looking for a vault,

But so far I am being asked to complete jobs for people,

Whilst battling savage wildlife,

And psychotic residents,

Who never seem to stay dead?


Eventually I reach a proper settlement,

Yet more jobs await,

But someone knows where the key may be,

For the Vault I originally came here for,


Steam Screenshot

This planet is weird,

For a planet containing a vault,

There are a large number of weapons to sell,

Easy Money?

Do I really need to find the Vault?


At last I find the vault,

No seriously I do,

But why so many tentacles?

And a Death Star for an eye?

Maybe I should have gone somewhere else!

Steam Screenshot

It was just a guardian,

But now the vault is finally mine,

Riches await,

In the form of guns,

Lots of guns!


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