Dinosaur ABC

A is for Allosaurus,

B is for Baryonyx,

C is for Crichtonsaurus,

D is for Dilophosaurus.

E is for Edmontosaurus,

F is for Fukuisaurus,

G is for Giganotosaurs,

H is for Huayangosaurus,

I is for Iguanodon.

J is for Jobaria,

K is for Kentrosaurus,

L is for Lambeosaurus,

M is for Majungasaurus.


N is for Nodosaurus,

O is for Ouranosaurus,

P is for Protoceratops,

Q is for Quaesitosaurus,

R is for Rugops,

S is for Stegosaurus,

T is for Therizinosaurus.

U is for Utahraptor,

V is for Velociraptor,

W is for Wannanosaurus,

X is for Xenoposeidon,

Y is for Yingshanosaurus,

Z is for Zuniceratops.


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