Mini Film Review – The Villainess

I have just watched The Villainess; and it was very confusing! Directed by Byung-gil Jung, and starring Ok-bin Kim, Jun Sung, and Seo-hyeong Kim; The Villainess is a South Korean action film about a young lady who is also an assassin for a South Korean intelligence agency. It was a very confusing experience, as the film likes to jump from scene to scene and skip on some important details. The film’s plot is very random and unreliable, and will leave you scratching your head trying to figure out what on earth is going on! But it does have it’s moments. The high drama scenes can be little pocket rockets of emotion, the action scenes are fast and enjoyable; and whilst the film skips on narrative detail; it doesn’t in the fight scenes! Although; the final battle is predictably drawn out, when by this point you’d prefer a quicker and more satisfying conclusion.

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