Mini Film Review – Bloodshot

I have just watched Bloodshot; and it was very dull! Directed by Dave Wilson, and starring Vin Diesel, Eiza Gonzalez, and Guy Pearce; Bloodshot is a superhero movie based on the character of the same name from Valiant Comics; about a soldier who is brought back to life to become the ultimate assassin. The film starts off rather well; setting up characters, and has some additional mini roles played well by Toby Kebbell and Lamorne Morris. There is also some really fascinating and cool ideas in the realms of science fiction such as the use of the nanites. But then the film reaches the halfway point where it contains dizzying and confusing fight sequences, and introduces characters that make no sense; but act like they were there from the beginning! The ideas from this point on are clever, very clever, but rely on the viewer to work it all out for themselves rather than help them along, even just a little bit! From this point forward it’s dull and at times really boring! The film then just continues in this fashion despite having lost your full attention at the half way point! It started off well, but in the end was just dull and disappointing!

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