Are You Ready

Are You Ready is a song by Thin Lizzy originally featured on their double live album Life. The song was written by Phil Lynott, Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, and Brian Robertson! The song is fast paced and acts more like an instrumental piece than a song, but does feature some lyrics. I remember when I was at school, a group of girls singing to the Elton John song Are You Ready For Love: This piece is nothing like that one though.

I have owned a copy of the Thin Lizzy Greatest Hits album for a couple of years now, but have only really discovered this heavy rock piece. It jumps off the line with that heavy riff which sounds like a machine gun is being fired. The song keeps this riff going for most of the song, and is a bit repetitive, but you don’t get bored of it. It picks up in scale and has the odd key change, but then it has it’s heavy drum interludes, which makes the song sound like it’s coming to a close, but then returns at full force.


The song features a bit of Heavy Metal, but for the most part is just a heavy rock track. It’s a great song to listen to if you just want to instantly rock out to something!

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