Top 5 How It’s Made Food Videos

How It’s Made is a documentary TV series that is shown on the Discovery Channels, which shows the factory processes in making a specific product! The products being produced come in a variety of choices; and the show can turn the production of the most boring of products; into the most interesting. Watching How It’s Made videos online can seem like an obvious way to waste time, but the footage on show, plus the interesting mix of simple music, can make watching them interesting, hypnotic, but also rather relaxing.


So, I thought I would do a quick post and share some of my personal favourite picks from the show. In this case I am choosing food as a category, so then if I want to do more down the line for other items, I can. So without further ado, here are my Top 5 Favourite How It’s made Videos featuring Food; Enjoy!



5. Ice Cream Sandwiches – I have not eaten an Ice Cream Sandwich in years (can you still get Maxibon‘s?). In this video we are treated to a view on the scientific process in the creation of ice cream, before then moving onto the factory floor for the creation process. But it doesn’t end with packaging, as the film also shows us how mass produced ice cream cones are made too!


4. Bubble Gum – This video provides a basic history of how Bubble Gum was created, and what the original ingredients were until now. We then get images of the mixing process, including images of what it must be like to hand knead a leather sofa. From this point forward it’s through extruders, belts, and a very fast packaging process!


3. Whoopie Pies – This one has become one of my biggest favourites in recent weeks. Much like the ice cream video above, this one shows the mixing process in a scientific way, before then going on to a more mass produced style of manufacturing. The key point to check out here is the inclusion of the filling, as it’s put on the cakes, but also when the factory worker is testing it for colour, it’s one of the strangely hypnotic, and satisfying moments you find in these videos!


2. Peanut Butter – This one again provides a little info on the history of Peanut Butter, whilst at the end giving some nutritional info you may not have known before. Here we get a very detailed description on the type of ingredients used, and the full process in making the product. This all leads to the rather satisfying moment when the butter is pumped into the jars!


1. Gobstoppers/Jawbreakers – This has been my number one favourite for about a decade now. This one again provides incredible detail into the process and ingredients used, telling you how exactly they are made, and providing details you may never have known before. Scenes to look out for include the breaking of the hard batter, and the colouring of the sweets. It’s relaxing, fun, and will leave you craving for a Gobstopper/Jawbreaker!

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