Top 5 Alice Cooper Songs

I am not a huge fan of Alice Cooper; but I will admit his songs serve a good purpose! I haven’t heard many of his songs, but out of the songs I do listen to, I can’t say any of them are really bad. His music covers a wide range of genre’s including Glam Metal, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal; but he is of course best known for being the Godfather of Shock Rock. His unique vocals, and his genre breaking tracks, all do serve a good purpose; which is that when you need something loud and energetic, to break down inhibition’s that may be holding you back; Alice Cooper’s songs can do that for you. Basically, when you need Alice Cooper; listen to Alice Cooper!


Whilst I may not know a large portion of his material, I do like all those songs, and so I thought I would share with you my Top 5 Favourite picks. So without further ado; here are my Top 5 Favourite Songs by Alice Cooper; Enjoy!


5. School’s Out – I think the first time I heard this song was in an episode of The Simpsons. It’s a simple yet infectiously catchy song. It digs down into the primal urge we all had to finally get out of school; maybe just for the summer, maybe even forever. Most kids hate school, and this song gives them an anthem of hope that one day it will all be over (and into the miserable world of having a Job)!

4. Hey Stoopid – This is a pretty recent addition to the very few Alice Cooper songs I like, but it is cool entry. Hey Stoopid features many of the hallmarks of an Alice Cooper track; it’s loud, fast, and energetic with a Smash Mouth set of lyrics. The main event though is of course the chorus. He can take the simplest, wackiest, craziest set of words, maybe something someone says at any time of the day; and make them as catchy as the catchiest song ever written; and it’s all backed up with that funky track!

3. Poison – Ironically, compared to other songs on this list; Poison is actually a quieter and slower piece. It does have it’s glorious louder and shoutier moments, but, for most of the verses, it’s quiet and slow; but that’s how Poison works. It goes deep inside your body, and hacks away at your life, it doesn’t shout or scream, it just burns away inside. Of course this gives Alice the opportunity to describe love as being like Poison. The lyrics are deep, and the chorus is infectious, plus it really demonstrates some of the vocal range and effects that he can achieve with that voice!

2. Bed Of Nails – Not the strongest of openings; but once the riff kicks in; the song just doesn’t stop! Much like Poison, it tells a story of love, but it uses the most insane definition possible, to describe it. It tells some cool lyrics, and paints an interesting if torturous image of a love between two people. The chorus is cool, but then when the turnaround kicks in toward the end, the song reaches it’s next and final stage of evolution, which carries this classic into the final stage of the stratosphere.

1. House Of Fire – House of Fire gets straight to the point, and carries it’s verses with very simple lyrics. Then when we get to the chorus, we get another simple set of lyrics, which are also very cool and catchy. But the song likes to create different versions of the lyrics, using Shock Horror elements to add them into the song, to give it that little extra level of spice. The guitar riff is very cool and funky, but also a simple sound, not overcomplicated, just adding it’s own element to this song. It’s fast, and quick, but in it’s simplicity becomes a song you can’t help but join in with; and never forget!

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