Mini Film Review – Knives Out

Yesterday I watched Knives Out; and it was magnificent! Directed by Rian Johnson, and starring Ana de Armas, Daniel Craig, and Chris Evans, Knives Out is a mystery crime drama about a privileged family, whose patriarch has committed suicide; but a private investigator thinks there is something else a foot. From the outside, Knives Out looks like a comedy whodunnit film, one whose synopsis sounds a lot like Cluedo; but it’s not that at all! Yes, it involves the death of a wealthy man, with a family of characters, who all want a share of the grand wealth, and who all have something to hide. But this film sort of throws a curve ball, by revealing to the audience, who the killer was, with over an hour of film left to run. The film then becomes a deep unravelling ribbon. We see the suggested killer go from a totally innocent person, to someone trying hard to cover up their crime. But things just get more out of control, as the once happy wealthy family get news which rocks them to their core, and focusses it on the outsider, the lead character, and as such, they begin to show their true colours, and as such, reveal the deep ugliness hidden within the entitled and privileged. But then, as it all looks dry and clear, like all hope is lost; we get the classic moment, where our Sherlock Holmes character reveals the whole shocking story, in it’s ugly reality! It’s very much a classic whodunnit, carrying all the hallmarks of the genre, but it throws in so much cool additional stuff, that you don’t see coming, and reveals who people are deep inside, especially when wealth is brought up; and what they might do, just to have what they believe is their ‘fair’ share. Helmed by an ensemble cast including (but not limited to) Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, LaKeith Stanfield, Katherine Langford, and Christopher Plummer; Knives Out is a Magnificent film, easily one of the greatest Crime Drama’s ever produced!

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