Mini TV Review – Invasion Earth

Recently I have been re-watching Invasion Earth; and it was alright! Created by Jed Mercurio, and starring Maggie O’Neill, Vincent Regan, and Fred Ward; Invasion Earth is a science fiction TV series which originally aired in 1998. The series follows a small NATO force based in Scotland as they try to stop an alien invasion by a race of interdimensional alien beings. I first saw some of this show back when it first aired, but only really saw the final episode. It could be considered an interesting TV show, if it wasn’t for some rather glaring issues. Firstly, whilst it is one of the first British shows to use extensive CGI, the CGI is not all that clear. It is very hard to see things as they should, and most of the time look rather blurry. When we finally see an Alien (or ND), the lack of detail is harder to see than the creature’s in Guillermo del Toro‘s Mimic. Another issue is that it is very hard to understand what is going on. It’s not all that clear as to what things are, or why they are, and it would be very helpful for the show to take a step back and explain what is going on so we can better understand it. Then there is the cast. The issue with the cast is that they are very hard to have any sympathy for. There is hardly anyone to relate to (except maybe Phyllis Logan and Nicola Grier), and most of the main cast are rather negative and un-reassuring with one another, and as a result you care less and less for them. It is rather sad, because it does have the hallmarks of a science fiction classic, but it really struggles to get off the ground due to it’s blurry and confusing presentation. However; there are some thing that make watching the whole series worthwhile. Firstly we do get the occasional nice picturesque view of the Scottish countryside. The ‘phenomenon’ present in the final episode is a really amazing sight, and whilst the effects have not aged well, because of the sheer size and enormity of the ‘phenomenon’, it makes it a lot easier to see, and appreciate; and is a sight that everyone should see at least once. But the one thing that carries from episode to episode, is the adrenaline. The show provides shots of gripping adrenaline, which carry for enough time to get you into what story you can understand, and create a taste; which leaves you craving for more!

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