Mini Film Review – Equilibrium

Yesterday I watched Equilibrium; and it was ok! Directed by Kurt Wimmer, and starring Christian Bale, Taye Diggs, and Emily Watson; Equilibrium is a science fiction film about a future society, where all emotions/feelings are illegal, and how the society’s greatest enforcement officer, is starting to do just that! Equilibrium from the get go automatically comes across as a Matrix wannabe! It’s easy to see; from the way Christian Bale is dressed, to many of the film’s gun based battles, and it’s overall look and style. And much like The Matrix; the film’s visual effects have not aged well; in fact they look like they were not fit for purpose to begin with! The plot is practically predictable, and this future society looks less like the new law of the whole world, and more like a small rogue state. But it does have it’s, well lets not say quality moments; but some good stuff in it’s favour. When not relying on visual effects, more just set dressing, the world is nicely prepared and looks far more believable, and definitely more aesthetically pleasing, than the visual effects. The film’s more standout stars (Bale, Watson, Bean, and Pertwee), do not provide us with their career defining roles, but do exhibit enough talent, to make them enjoyable. Add to that, the more detailed fight sequences, such as the final fight sequences, which look like a cross between Carrie and Blade; are pretty cool, but you just wish that they would have got to them sooner! Altogether, it’s an interesting idea, but it does not carry enough meat on the bones to carry enough of that interest forward; but there is enough good-ish content here, for a relatively passable attempt!

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