What If Robot Wars Robot’s Had Entrance Music?

The other week; whilst I was pondering about all things Robot Wars; in particular the robot known as Stinger (and the First World Championship); it got me thinking: What if the Robots had their own Entrance Music? Well it got me thinking many things to tell you the truth, but this way of thinking led me to the thought process of wondering which robots were like WWE wrestlers. This in turn though made me wonder; If the Robots in Robot Wars were like professional wrestlers; what would their entrance music be?

During the first two series of the show’s run; the robots were introduced to the viewer, by the way of the front stage door opening, and then the robots rolling out with an introduction. It was quite a cool thing, and still is all these years later. But in later series this was removed. However, in later series, Robots did drive out into the arena to face their challengers. The music in the background was stock music though, and no Robot had a unique theme tune all to themselves. Although in a couple of series, both Plunderbird and Sir Chromalot did bring ones along with them.

Anyway, as mentioned above; this got me wondering; and thought it might be fun to pair up the Robots with some Entrance Themes used by wrestlers. So, what I am going to attempt, is to pick 10 icons/legends of Robot Wars, and pair them up with classic Pro Wrestling Entrance Themes. So, without further ado, here is my attempt to pair up Professional Wrestling Entrance Themes, with Robots from Robot Wars; Enjoy!

Robot Wars Fandom

10. Wild ThingThe Ultimate Warrior – Wild Thing had such a unique, as well as weird design. It looked more like a wild creature, or a monster, instead of a vehicle. It was so weird and different; and for that reason it needs a theme tune which matches that level of weirdness; to truly represent a wild thing. So, I have selected the fast hyperactive tune of The Ultimate Warrior. It starts off fast, and does not slow down, not for a breath of fresh air; and just storms the arena to take on the world!

Robot Wars Fandom

9. BehemothHardcore Holly – Behemoth has a really simple but cool design. It’s basically something that wouldn’t look out of place on a building site. It features an effective plough like scoop on the front, and is a battle hardened veteran too. But it’s thanks to it’s construction vehicle based look, why I have chosen a theme which sort of fits with that theming!

Robot Wars Fandom

8. Hypno-DiscKen Shamrock – When Hypno-Disc debuted on Robot Wars, it was like a deadly new breed of weapon had been unleashed on the scene. Hypno-Disc’s weapon had an appetite for destruction; and was one of few robots to reach the Grand Final three times. For a time, Hypno-Disc had the ultimate weapon; and so I have paired it up with the Ultimate in Ken Shamrock’s theme. A slow, brooding, but ever presently threatening theme song; which heralds the arrival of a dangerous competitor!

Robot Wars Wiki

7. MortisFinn Bálor – To this very day, Mortis has remained my favourite Robot Wars competitor; and originally I played favourites and chose the Undertaker’s Ministry theme. But when I sat back and though about it; it just didn’t fit! Mortis needed something dark and sinister, given that out of all competitors, it did look most like the Grim Reaper. The I thought about Finn Bálor’s theme; and it works. It has that low brooding guitar sound; but then features a dark orchestral tune; like the arrival of a Phantom of the Opera!

Robot Wars Fandom

6. GeminiThe Gymini – Gemini was the first cluster robot in Robot Wars. It was a machine which could split apart into two smaller robots. Built by Team Mace as the successor to their previous machine Mace. Being a robot that could split into two pretty much identical machines; why not make use of the theme for a little known (and under utilized) Tag Team made up of two identical twins? So that’s what I have picked. It’s a bit of a bare bones tune, but it does have it’s later highlights!

Robot Wars Fandom

5. DantomkiaD-Generation X – When Dantomkia arrived on the scene; it shocked everyone by not just reaching the Semi-Finals in it’s debut year, but also by taking out reigning champion Chaos 2 in the process. No one was ready for such a dominant performance from a new arrival; and so a theme tune which asks the listener “Are You Ready?”; I think is especially fitting!

Robot Wars Fandom

4. Panic AttackJake ‘The Snake’ Roberts – This one is kind of hard to describe to the full potential. But When you look at Panic Attack’s exotic art work, with the combination of yellow and black, it looks like a snake’s pattern. Plus when I see the Forks raised high in the air, it makes me think of the times when Jake Roberts held his snakes to the air. Panic Attack has such a cool artistic design, but backed up with great driving, and a generally well built robot; it needs something which sort of brings these mixes together; something unusual, and kind of exotic!

Robot Wars Fandom

3. PussycatLex Luger – This one is slightly harder to define; and it was hard to simply pick one out of thin air. But when I thought about Pussycat; and the times it fought, and its string of successful campaigns, plus it’s definitive combat victories; it just needed something a little more out there, possibly with an element of speed. And so when I remembered this cool theme used by Lex Luger; it just sort of fits; quite well!


2. StingerMean Mark Callous – Choosing a theme for Stinger was pretty tricky. Stinger is such an unusual and unique design, so it was hard to picture a theme song for it. At first I chose Taz’s theme, but again it just didn’t seem to fit right, as the piece needs to be hard hitting but also aggressive, with an element of speed too. So, to this end I chose Mean Mark Callous (a WCW wrestler, who competed in WWE as The Undertaker); it’s fast, hard hitting, aggressive; it just fits all the boxes for a robot like Stinger!

Robot Wars Wiki

1. Chaos 2Bret Hart – In the history of Robot Wars, only one robot has ever won the UK Championship more than once; and that robot is Chaos 2. As this championship was pretty much the main championship for the show; it feels like an ideal fit for Chaos 2 to be paired up with the theme for Bret Hart. Why? Well; Chaos 2 has a nice sleek design, with a wonderful black and red finish; so it’s already wearing Hart’s famous leather jacket. But more than that; thanks to Chaos 2’s Main Competition wins; Chaos 2 is (debatably I will admit) currently The Best there is; The Best there was, And The Best there ever will be!

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